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Firtuna is an Ethiopian based entertainment company which focuses on the arts. We give a fully integrated service of digital magazine, casting, music and film production, master classes and advertising. We also provide full production materials to our customers with fair price. Firtuna launched in April 2020, and work in both Amharic and English. Firtuna is the first fully integrated Entertainment media company in Ethiopian.


Digital magazine

All art related news and newly uploaded publications become instantly available to active readers around the world who follow not only our Digital magazine but also our YouTube channel where we publish Art related news.

Master class

We provide master classes for people who want to learn more about the arts by interviewing famous artists and having them share their experiences and thoughts so one can follow in their foot steps

Full production

We provide full production services and support for foreign companies coming to Ethiopia and Africa. Our services include: Visa Processing, Film permit, Customs for production equipment, Hotel booking, Travel Arrangement, supplying different equipment and film crews


We produce various types of films, music clips, and documentaries and so on starting from production or post production.

production material

We provide various types of production material including locations and houses for your production. And also we provide explosive materials for a special effects in your production like car explosion, pyrotechnic special effects.


We provide actors and actresses for Film, TV, theater, voice over and modeling. For any kinds of work you need you can see their detail and contact us to cast them.


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